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About RNK

For 20 years, RNK Productions has taken pride in providing quality transcription and scripting services at competitive prices while not paying transcribers sweatshop rates. With over 30 combined years of experience in both production and post-production, we are aware of the importance of accuracy, timeliness, and attention to detail when it comes to our clients' needs.

We specialize in entertainment related transcription, including but not limited to one-on-one interviews, OTF interviews, reality show transcriptions, field tape transcriptions, B-Roll logging, As Broadcast Scripting and Continuity Scripting. We can also accommodate psychiatric as well as legal transcriptions. See our transcription Services page for complete details.

We have gone through a strict screening process in choosing our staff to guarantee that all of your transcriptions/scripts are done in complete confidence. You can put your trust in us to get your transcripts done at a fair price!

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