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We offer a wide variety of transcription services, which can be tailored to meet your production's unique requirements. Our Basic Transcription service for a one-on-one interview consists of (upon request) b-roll logging, timecoding (for video sources only), and paraphrasing of the interviewer's questions.

For multiple interviews or group interviews as used for reality-type shows, we charge a competitive hourly transcription rate. Other services such as verbatim interviewer questions are also available. We also specialize in as-broadcast scripting and continuity scripting for films. Please call or email us to request information detailing all of our services and rates.

One-on-One Interviews
An interviewer (paraphrased or verbatim) and one subject. Includes timecoding (video sources only) and b-roll upon request.
Multiple Person
Two or more interviewees. Conference calls, roundtables, brainstorming, concept pitches.
Run and gun, reality style footage.
As-Broadcast Scripting
Two-column scripting containing timecode stamps and dialogue, or three-column style also containing b-roll annotations.
Continuity Scripting
Generally used for feature films. Five or seven column options available.
Ability to translate/transcribe Spanish to English (additional fees apply).

We can accept any video or audio format and also provide complimentary upload services for your footage. Never any hidden fees or extra costs for including timecoding or b-rolling in transcripts.

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